'86 Merkur XR4Ti
This is the less common "comp shell" (solid roof) version with original paint, interior and 60,250 miles. It was an eBay purchase in April 2008 with 47,600 miles, driven home from Dearborn Heights, MI to Nashville.
The original owner kept this car garaged for the 20 years he owned it. It was then donated to the Salvation Army and used as a daily driver for the next two years. The car once again enjoys garage time between weekend runs.
A 1,618-mile round-trip to Carlisle, PA (with a stop at the Indy 500 museum) was completed in June 2010 to participate in the 25th Anniversary of Merkur at the All-Ford Show. It was selected the Meguiar's Choice winner by Merkur Club judges and awarded first place in the '85-'86 Stock category by show goers' popular vote. A return trip to Carlisle was completed in June 2015, totaling 1,435 miles.
Updates Since Purchase

- Headliner recovered
- BAT short-shift kit (cut down additional 1")
- Leather boot & shift knob
- Clear turn indicator lens and tail light                gaskets
- Ranger cam cover gasket
- MBC, set at about 17 lbs.
- TFI with relocation harness
- 3" turbo-back exhaust with Wicked Flow           low-restriction converter and muffler
- Cam belt, tensioner, plugs, wires, correct          PCV and Bosch 02 sensor at 50K
- Cosworth temp gauge sender (#YB0201)
- Rota RB 16 x 7.5 wheels (4x108, 40MM             offset) with Falken ZE912 205/50R16s
- Neutral safety and backup light switches  
- Koni 'yellow' shocks installed, 2/10
-  Shorty aluminum rad & fan, 3/10
-  A/C compressor, dryer & trinary, 3/10
-  Sierra Cosworth 2WD Intercooler, 5/10
-  3-groove crank pulley added, 6/10
-  RS500 Cosworth Steering Wheel, 6/10
-  LA3 ECU, big vam & cone filter, 8/10
-  Koni adjustable struts & hypercoil
   200lb/in front springs, 6/12
-  Cosworth grille and rare Rapdio 'dead'
   pedal installed, 4/13
-  Escort Cosworth hood vents added, 3/14
-  Cruise control repaired, hood vents/grill            painted body color, 3" exhaust upgraded          with stainless resonator and more direct            routing, Spring '15.

SOLD - On Sept. 27, 2015 I began a 2,100-mile drive to San Diego, CA. On the 29th, after a great 2 1/2-day drive from Nashville, the car keys were handed over to its new owner, ending nearly 7 1/2 years with this exceptional XR4Ti.
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